It is a special series produced in high-tech laboratories in the USA for skin cards combined with FDA containers, Peptides with very high purity properties, and special vitamin combos.


Cleopatra Youth Elixir


  • 100 MG Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Provides deep hydration with low molecular weight.
  • Cleopatra youth elixir is the only one containing SIGNAL PEPTIDE, NEUROPEPTIDE AND CARRIER PEPTIDE
    It is a MESOTHERAPY product.

SIGNAL PEPTIDES: TB500, Matrixyl, Pal-Ghk; Collagen and elastin by stimulating skin Fibroblasts
Increases fiber production.

NEUROTRANSMITTER INHIBITOR PEPTIDES: Snap 8, Argireline; Neurosecretion Specifically
They inhibit the formation of wrinkles.

CARRIER PEPTIDES: Copper Peptide, Lipopept; Carrier peptides, such as copper
transport of oligo-elements to the skin and uptake by epithelial cells.
Responsible for transport and stabilization operations.
It consists of a combination of 43 amino acids. It is a low molecular weight, naturally occurring peptide in the body. TB500 plays a vital role in the repair and regeneration of injured cells and tissues.
TB500 Protects cells and tissues from damage.

Apoptosis, inflammation, and reduces microbial growth.

TB500 binds to actin and promotes cell migration, including mobilization, migration and differentiation of stem/progenitor cells that form new blood vessels and regenerate tissue. TB500 reduces the number of myofibroblasts in wounds, resulting in reduced scar formation and fibrosis.

Biological Activities Mechanisms of Influence
1. Decreases inflammation.
Cytokines and chemokines reduce inflammation. It inhibits the activation of NFkB.
2.It encourages cell migration. endothelial cells and chemotactic for keratinocytes. (Chemical pull towards an agent)
Regulates F- and G-Actin
3. Chemicals and/or oxygen deprivation It protects the cells from cytotoxicity.
It reduces intracellular ROS and is an antioxidant. Increases protein.
4. Promotes angiogenesis
Increases VEGF synthesis. VEGF/AKT signal.
5. Promote stem cell recruitment and differentiation It regenerates the skin, heart and nerve tissues.
It increases cell migration.
6. Decreases Apoptosis (Cell Death).
Expression of anti-apoptotic enzymes increases and decreases the Bax / Bcl (2) ratio.
7. Accelerates collagen deposition and Laminin-5 regulate its production.
It reduces ROS and activates the gene for laminin-5.
8. Reduces scar formation. It accelerates the deterioration of the scar, provides better organization of collagen fibrils.
Prevents the infiltration of myofibroblasts.